10 Ways To Reinvent Your glutathione

he completed his  residency in clinical chemistry from the  NIH this was back in and he’s also board-certified in clinical pathology  and chemical pathology as well and for the past thirty plus years glutathione.


he’s been an  advocate for the healthcare system that treats people not diagnosis and not consequences so he’s really about  getting at the root cause of what’s going on in ill health and so forth so dr. Jaffe thank you so much for being glutathione here I’m grateful to be with you today thank you Michael pleasure to be with you absolutely I’m just honored and fired up to be with you glutathione.

but before we  dive into vitamin C metallic lining the methylation cycle and so forth I would love to know like what sort of life experiences transition you out of this  very traditional medical training and academic training into glutathione more of a very progressive functional integrative medicine focus like what sort of life.

experiences what happened like take us  to that level well I think you can go back to my time as a student when I was a medical student we were instructed glutathione that we were going to take an oath and that oath was going to put patient’s  welfare before our own and some of us remember that didn’t some of us seem to be caught in a system.

that is less supportive of a proactive and primary prevention so I think with me it goes back to my days as a student in Boston glutathione and then in Bethesda and when I heard that meditation and mindfulness were that acupuncture in Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic medicine or homeopathy were valid medical arts healing arts I was sure this couldn’t be the case and the reason I was sure it  couldn’t be the case was because neither in Boston nor in Bethesda were there any folks studying any of those subjects and we thought we were pretty smart and so I went as a skeptic and found to my pleasant amazement that I was grossly.


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